Leadership Jackson County


The principle purpose of Leadership Jackson County is to build a network of community leaders who can enhance their problem solving skills and leadership abilities through shared perspectives and by working together. The Advisory Board hopes that the class will step forward to become “champions” for others and themselves in continuing to make Jackson County a wonderful place to live. We hope you will work in leadership areas of politics, economics, community projects, and especially in service to others.

We the Advisory Board, hope to enhance the skills possessed by the participants of the class. We know, to borrow a quotation from the Fanning Leadership Center that “leaders are not born-they are nurtured”. As such, we hope to nurture them as they develop their skills. Toward that end, we have developed an intense program dealing with several topics related to change in our country. These topics include:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Economic Development
  • Growth
  • Government
  • Health, Human Services and Family
  • Public Safety
  • Tourism

Interspersed throughout each topic will be a historical perspective of Jackson County and studies dealing with ethics and leadership. Additionally, participants will have opportunities to learn more about themselves and their peers through self-assessment and problem solving assignments.

The overall vision of the Leadership Jackson County Advisory Board in helping the participants encompasses four main components: knowledge of self, knowledge of leadership skills, knowledge of community and community issues, and knowledge of the greater good for Jackson County.

Participants must assess their own abilities and skills, not only their strengths and weaknesses, but also their beliefs and values. The potential leaders will not only assess their skills in the traditional leadership areas of communications, problem solving, and conducting meetings, but they will have to look at their abilities to work collaboratively with diverse groups, to manage conflict, and to understand and accept their community’s diverse values and cultures.

Community needs will be identified and examined by the new leadership group. Members will deal with their own jobs in their designated locations, but they will also be introduced to challenges faced by others in different occupations and the impacts those have across the community, region, state, and nation.

The new leaders will strive to lead beyond their own self-interest and will work together as a group to learn what is good for Jackson County. It is the hope of the Advisory Board that leaders emerging from the class will become “champions” for others as they strive for service to others.