Member Benefits

The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce is a member driven
non-profit organization that serves as the voice of the business community.
Investing in the chamber is investing in the community.  The chamber exists to promote business success and enhance quality of life by being the leader in economic, community and small business development.  We exist to create value for our members through a variety of programs, events, networking opportunities and other services.

The Chamber serves its members through a locally staffed office at 270 Athens Street in Jefferson, Georgia.  The Chamber is your strongest supporter of Economic Development in Jackson County, and we offer opportunities for you to support county growth and economic development.  Through your membership, the chamber provides many services to support your organization.

Drug Free Workplace–the Chamber serves as the liaison to provide education and training to its members about keeping your workplace certified drug free and saving your company up to 7.5% on workers compensation premiums.  All the materials you need to implement this plan are provided by the chamber and quarterly training courses are also provided.

Ribbon Cuttings–Ribbon cuttings can be planned for business expansion, relocation, grand opening, major anniversary, ground breaking, or renovation.  The Chamber will promote ribbon cuttings in e-mail notifications to the Chamber membership.  Your event will be published in the chamber’s weekly e-newsletter leading up to, and following the event. The chamber provides the ribbon, scissors and also takes pictures that are published in the e-newsletter, called the TGIF.

T-shirt Friday– This is a great service offered to members to promote their organization and gain exposure.  Members may donate their organization’s logoed shirt to the chamber.  On your organization’s scheduled t-shirt day, chamber staff as well as chamber ambassadors will visit your office wearing your t-shirt.  Member employees, chamber staff and ambassadors gather to take a picture that the chamber publishes in its weekly e-newsletter the following week.  It is also announced at the chamber monthly board meeting.

The chamber serves as the pulse of the Jackson County business community, and provides a consolidated source of information about upcoming events, critical business information, and relevant community news.  Through our consolidated community calendar, weekly electronic newsletter (TGIF-Timely Good Information on Friday), chamber mailings, and periodic email updates, our members are always well informed.

We all want to do business with people we like, respect and trust.  Networking with other businesses provides a wonderful opportunity to make connections and expand your reach.  The chamber routinely hosts networking opportunities with our monthly breakfast meetings, Women in Business luncheons, Business and Social Hours (BASH), and many other chamber events.

Events – The chamber is responsible for organizing key business community and networking events including but not limited to the following:
• Awards Banquet (annual)
• Business & Breakfast (monthly)
• Business and Social Hour (BASH) (monthly)
• Jackson Derby or the Spring Jam (annual)
• Jackson Chamber Classic Golf Tournament (annual)
• Partners in Education Workshop (PIE) (annual)
• Star Student and Teacher of the Year (annual)
• Taste of Jackson & Business Expo (annual)
• Women in Business (monthly)
• Woman of the Year Luncheon (annual)

These events allow us to highlight our businesses and their surrounding communities, to elevate the chamber’s presence in the overall Georgia business community, and provide unique opportunities to honor and network with our membership.

Committee Participation – Volunteers are the strength of the Chamber—that’s YOU!  Your membership makes you eligible to participate, but it’s your desire to serve that can really make a difference.  Your direct involvement benefits your business by making you more visible in the business community and by increasing your business contacts.  Regardless of your availability and time constraints, there’s a volunteer opportunity available for everyone, and we hope you will choose to play an active role.

Committees – The following committees are available to serve on:
• Ambassadors
• Education Committee (monthly)
• Public Relations Committee (monthly)
• Small Business Committee (monthly)
• Tourism Development Committee (monthly)
• Event Committees (varies depending on event date)

Use the chamber as a marketing tool.  As a member you have access to a variety of ways to market your organization.

Web Presence – As a member, your organization is included on the chamber’s website, which is great exposure.  Anyone can access our member directory on our website.  Members are listed online by category of business so those visiting the directory can easily find the products and services they need.  All the member contact information can be listed in the online directory.

Offer Deals and Specials– Members have online access to post specials on products and/or services in what the chamber calls “Hot Deals.”  Members may also post job openings and update/enhance their own membership listing. 

Displaying Your Promotional Materials– Did you know the chamber has a lobby that welcomes visitors, residents and business professionals?   Did you know that you may display your organization’s promotional information in our lobby?  Just provide your choice of brochures, business cards or flyers and we will display them.  That was easy.
Direct Marketing – Whether marketing your business or seeking other business opportunities, updated membership lists are at your finger tips!  Chamber mailing lists are available directly to your computer so you may print labels to start your personalized mailing lists.  Members may also purchase actual mailing labels for a nominal charge. 

Referral Marketing– Chambers of commerce are considered one of the most trusted sources on local businesses.  Long-time residents, as well as newcomers, regularly contact the Chamber office when they require a particular product or service.  We make it a practice to exclusively recommend and refer our Chamber members.  

Buy Local Initiative – The Chamber’s initiative to buy local is a campaign which is designed to encourage the local community to shop locally to enrich the local economy.  The campaign is supported through the distribution of buy local marketing materials in the community, and the consistent messaging by chamber staff to always SHOP MEMBERS FIRST!  The chamber provides window posters to any business who wishes to display them.  Ask for a poster today!

It is important for business professionals to continue to develop as innovative leaders in their respective industries and the community.  The chamber offers continuing education, professional development and volunteer opportunities.

Education Training – Staying on top of the latest trends and advancements can be a daunting task for any business owner.  We offer education and training to our membership through a variety of workshops, seminars, forums, and roundtable discussions. 

Small Business Development – The Chamber values and recognizes the importance of small businesses to not only the local community, but the role small business plays in the national economy.  In an effort to grow a thriving small business community, we offer seminars for smaller businesses through our Small Business Development Group.

Partners in Education - Having strong school systems is important to every community. Supporting the local school systems is a great way to be involved in the chamber and the community.  With our Partners in Education (PIE) program, every business has the opportunity to be a partner in education. It is vital for the business community to support the school systems.  The PIE program is a great way to support the schools and show that your organization cares about the future of the community. The chamber hosts the annual PIE Workshop, which joins the business community and schools for a day of networking and sharing best practices.  The chamber also hosts the annual STAR Student & Teacher of the Year Reception.
Education Committee – Participating on the education committee allows you to aide in creating and supporting the programs and activities that support the Jackson County school systems as they strive to prepare students to be college and career ready and to develop educated citizens within the community.

While optional, sponsorships are a great way to create brand awareness for your organization and support an environment where businesses can flourish.
Companies that want to be recognized for being community partners and leaders will benefit from sponsoring events and programs.

The chamber offers print and online advertising opportunities in the weekly TGIF
e-newsletter and on the chamber website. These opportunities are available only to chamber members.

The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce has over 500 members.  Sponsoring chamber events and programs gives your organization publicity and recognition. Business leaders and professionals recognize and appreciate those who invest in their community, support a healthy business environment and help others make and build relationships.  Some of the benefits to sponsoring are:
• being able to showcase your business to your target market
• market your business cost-effectively
• establish name recognition for your business
• gain a competitive advantage with exposure to other members
• help support the local business community

Thank you for your investment in the chamber and the community!  The chamber looks forward to a partnership with you.

Contact the Chamber for more information about membership benefits, getting involved or if you have any questions.